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About Us

We are a family run company based in the heart of America in America's Midwest region just outside of Kansas City.

We have supplied harmonica players the world over with many types of harmonicas, parts, and custom harmonicas since the year 2000.

In that time we have gained many loyal patrons who have shown appreciation for our custom harmonicas, and microphone parts.

We apply 24 karat gold to many manufactured harmonicas as well as developing our own unique 24 kart gold harmonica which is still available as a custom order. The 24KT Harp

In recent years we began a new service of powder coating harmonicas, and microphone parts too. 

The reason for starting this service in addition to our 24kt gold application service was as simple as gold got incredibly expensive, and it was just way too costly to continue with the service for awhile. However, gold has at this time (April 2014) leveled out to a more affordable price, and we still continue to offer the service.

All custom work is carried out in our studio here, so all work is done right here, and made in the USA.

Although we do have many powder coated, and 24kt gold items listed on our website, it is not always possible to actually have those ready to fly out the doors.

Many 24kt gold items do have a wait item of between 6 - 9 weeks in normal circumstances.

Powder coated items are hoiwever more affordable for us to have in stock although there maybe a slight delay at times as there's always that one item that everyone suddenly wants, and we just don't have many of that particular item in stock.

All custom work is carried out by Ray.

Ray is originally from London, England. Certainly along way from the old haunts of the London skyline.

Ray moved to the USA in 1999. Just in time to be sacrificed for Halloween he'll say.

Ray also is who does everything within the company, so if you don't get an immediate response from an email, or a call, then he's probably lurking in the workshop (Bat Cave as he calls it) making more custom items destined for an anxious musician.

Ray has completed great work over the years, and is completely self taught in all aspects of the business.

He in fact had no training, or knowledge of gold plating, or powder coating products before starting the company back in 2000.

He is a trained auto technician, and computer programmer.

He handles all aspects of the everyday running of the buisiness, and even built the website to which you're looking at now.

He admits he dosen't always get everything right, but at least you get to speak to the person who will do their best to help correct the issue when, and if there is a problem.

If you need anything you can always rely on Ray to do his best to help find what you need, or find a part, or harmonica you need.

If you can't find it, he'll dig one out somewhere around the world.

RW Harmonicas is a great company, and will be around for years to come.

We hope you've enjoyed this insight into this Mid - American based company.







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